Although many newer vehicles come equipped with a factory-installed alarm systems, you may want to consider upgrading to a remote controlled security system for added protection.


A basic car alarm system will include a remote control or a smart phone app that will allow you to manage the security system from outside your car. It will also include sensors that will identify when the doors, the hood or the trunk have been opened. We can also add sensors that will detect attempts to break the windows or move your car. When triggered, the alarm system will engage, calling attention to the break-in attempt and rendering the vehicle inoperable while the alarm is active. Some security systems also include a 2-way communication feature that will alert you to a theft attempt through the remote control or smartphone app.

Viper Security Systems

Entry Level 1-Way

Viper Security

Value 1-Way

Viper Security

LCD 2-Way

Viper Security

Viper GPS and SmartStart

Installing a GPS tracking system that works in conjunction with your car alarm can help the police locate and retrieve the car. You may even get a discount on your insurance premiums if one of these devices is installed in your car.


Additional features that are often included in your car alarm package include:

  • Remote door and trunk unlocking
  • Remote starter – great during those hot Florida summers!


Speak with one our expert car alarm installers to find out if you need a completely new system or if it’s possible to add a remote starter to your current security system. Many new car alarm systems are designed to integrate with the factory-installed security system to provide additional sensors for enhanced security and convenience.

Viper SmartStart System

Viper Smart Start

Viper SmartStart GPS Module

Viper SmartStart GPS

Daddy O’s proudly offers Viper security systems that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Stop by our Orange Park or Regency location to browse the various models available and to get expert advice on which will best fit your needs and budget.

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